grace groups

“By This All People Will Know That You Are My Disciples, If You Have Love For One Another.”
Grace Groups are small groups of GCT families who typically meet on Sunday evenings throughout the month in various homes for the purpose of worshipping God and edifying one another in the faith of Jesus Christ. More specifically, they exist to further:
  • Christian fellowship
  • mutual care
  • accountability
  • the exercise of spiritual gifts,
so that believers may grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ and unbelievers may come to know the love of Christ.

If you would like to get involved with a Grace Group near you, please email
"We should not think of our fellowship with other Christians as a spiritual luxury, an optional addition to the exercises of private devotions. Fellowship is one of the great words of the New Testament: it denotes something that is vital to a Christian’s spiritual health, and central to the Church's true life… The Church will flourish and Christians will be strong only when there's fellowship." - J.I. Packer