Know Your Sins - Know His Forgiveness

February 7, 2020
Hey Church Family:

Wow!  The world is moving more and more to a place where nothing seems to be a sin any longer.  Our society struggles to see many of its immoral, unethical actions or thoughts or its heart’s desires as an offense to our Holy God.  This is a dangerous place to be.  Church, we do not want to be unaware of our sin.  Not knowing our sin results in not needing a Savior.  Not knowing our sin results in a frail, feeble love for our Savior because we think that we really are not all that bad.

This week in Luke 7:36-50, we see a religious man, Simon, who was unaware of his own sin.  He lived a rigorously religious life known by everybody as a man of position and power.  Simon believed that his own moral goodness saved him from any debt of sin he might incur.  In fact, he could not rightly remember what those sins might be.  Which means Simon does not see his need for a Savior.  The Savior, Jesus, who is eating dinner with him.  And then there was the woman in this story.  She was the opposite of Simon.  The woman was known by everybody in town by her sin.  She had no position or power.  The religious community had her sins listed and memorized.  She was a professional sinner, a prostitute.  Simon and friends looked at her with scorn as they overlooked their own personal sin.

Often as believers we are like Simon, not aware of our personal sin or the wickedness in our own heart because we are paying more attention to and experiencing greater disdain for the sins of others around us.  We can quickly list the sins of our brothers and sisters in Christ or society at large before we can list what are our own sin-struggles.  Focusing on other’s sin leads us to a life of faultfinding, complaining, and slandering of others just like Simon.  That leads us to be critical of others and unable to love them as Christ intends us to love.  This is how Simon lived his life, being a professional at knowing other’s sin yet unable to see his own.  Simon is living his life opposite of the Gospel.

Jesus of course shows Simon his heart through a short parable.  Jesus says, hey you Simon!  You need to be aware of our own sin, guilt and the un-payable debt that your sin incurs.  Jesus reminds Simon, that he is just as much of a professional sinner as the woman!  Jesus, says, look at the woman, she knows her sin and she knows her need of a savior.  Simon did not know his sin nor his need of a Savior.  Jesus wants us to see our sin and the fact that our sin-debt is un-payable by us.  The greater our understanding of our sin-debt, the greater delight in Jesus Christ for paying that debt for us!

The deeper the woman repents in this passage the more she pours forth in joy, thanksgiving, love, and sacrifice.  The woman said, Jesus, I cannot pay what I owe for my sin.  I need you to pay my debt for me.  So Jesus paid it all and the woman unashamedly loved Jesus.  That is the Gospel.  The more we see our un-payable debt and the depth of the forgiveness shown to us – the more we love Christ with all of our soul, mind and strength.
We are all like either Simon or the woman.  Which are you like?
Do you know your sin-debt?
Do you see your debt as unpayable?
Do you Jesus as the only one who can pay your debt?
Does that lead you to a great love for Jesus in your heart (emotions), mind (thoughts) and will (actions)?

Luke 7:48 And he said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.”

I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday! - Steve

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