Church and Politics

Church Family:
When you see or hear the news from your favorite news source you quickly see that most of the news has something to do with politics, politicians or the results of policies they have passed. The results of bad policies can be devastating to say the least. The daily news tends to create within us a political response that can quickly become our worldview. What is a worldview? A worldview is a person’s view of the world. It’s your framework for understanding reality and answering the big questions about it. It is easy to start to think, I am a democrat and therefore I believe these policies and laws are best. Or, I am a republican and therefore I believe these policies and laws are best. We start to think that our specific political worldview is the answer to the world’s problems. Well, they are not. Go to Revelation 18, to be reminded of where politics eventually ends. But wait, we also must agree that certain politicians and policies can certainly make this nation and this world a place that encourages morals and ethics that honor God and have a great impact on the common good of society. The Bible tells us that God is the one who has given governing authorities their authority (Rom. 13:1). So, is the church to be involved in politics? Absolutely!

Our government passes policies and laws that always reveal significant worldview beliefs about issues that have eternal implications. These issues also happen to be the top issues of this 2024 election. Issues like when life begins, abortion rights, gender affirmation, who can marry, immigration, how to control the border and the list goes on. We must remember, politics and politicians are always speaking and making policies from a very specific worldview, not a democrat or republican worldview but usually a secular humanist worldview. Unfortunately, the prevailing worldview in our government, democrat or republican, has become overwhelmingly secular in its morals. As the Church, we believe that a biblical worldview is infinitely superior than a secular worldview to legislate ethical laws that make our nation a beautiful blessing to the entire cosmos. We believe that a biblical worldview is infinitely superior at discussing laws that preserve this nations safety, peace and prosperity.  We believe that a biblical worldview is infinitely superior at defending our existence and determining when we go to war. We believe that a biblical worldview is infinitely superior at the preservation and improvement of this nation’s morals.

So, yes! Absolutely! The Church must be involved in this Constitutional Republic that we call the USA. Let us yoke together with a forthright biblical worldview from within your political party and vote for representatives delegating them the power to enact appropriate God-honoring laws in this land. Let us desire a limited government that passes God honoring policies that protect life, the family and our freedom to gather in worship. We want a government that commends good, punishes evil, maintains peace and protects the oppressed (Rom. 13:1-7; 1 Peter 2:13-14; 1 Tim. 2:1-2).

Church, we must engage the US political system for the glory of God and the good of our neighbor. With kindness and boldness let us engage in political discussion from a biblical worldview this 2024 election year.

See you Sunday, enjoying the freedom to gather in worship: Steve

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