The Payment is Due Today

Church Family: 
If you are in the middle of baking an apple pie and you need just one more cup of sugar should you not go ask your neighbor to borrow some sugar? Or what about borrowing money to buy a house or even a church building so you can escape rent? Or what about a car payment so that you travel to your job? Or what about borrowing for an education that will help you earn money? Undoubtedly, it is a great blessing to be in a position where you do not have to borrow anything. But does scripture say that all borrowing is unwise or unbiblical?

Romans 13:8, tells us that one way that we show love as believers is to “owe no one anything except to love each other.” That sounds somewhat like an unconditional statement of absolute prohibition of borrowing, but does it mean that all borrowing is unwise or unbiblical?
I personally do not think the scripture forbids all borrowing. When we take into consideration other scriptures we see they instruct us on how to lend to others (Ps, 37:26; 112:5; Mt. 5:42) and If you lend to others you are then responsible for their borrowing.

What is clear about borrowing from scripture is what indebtedness can do to you. “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender” (Prov. 22:7). This Proverb is a warning to avoid the kind of borrowing that forces you into dependence on the “rich” (those whom we are borrowing from). You should never borrow out of a time of distress or desperation, but out of strategic planning and purpose from a position of economic strength.

So what is Romans 13:7-8, exhorting us to do? It says that is right to “owe” taxes, revenue, respect, and anything else you may need to borrow provided that you “pay” what you owe. In other words, if you incur a debt, pay it. When the mortgage is due pay it on time. When you owe anyone anything, lovingly pay what you owe so that you will no longer owe anyone anything. Oh wait, there is one debt that we can never finally and fully payoff - the debt of love.

This debt of love that we owe to everyone did not come about because they loaned us anything. It came about because Jesus Christ has given us everything. Christ gave us love when we were no more deserving of His love than anyone is deserving of our love. Christ loved us freely, when He gave His life for us, taking away all our sin and guilt and condemnation and guaranteeing us everlasting joy in Him. We are forever indebted to others to give them the love that Christ has given us freely. That payment of love to others is due today. Love others like Christ loved you.

See you Sunday, in debt to Christ: Steve

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