Find God's Glory in Every Story

April 3, 2020
Hello Church Family:  During these days of pandemic and hardships are you looking for God today?  Do you wake up in the morning seeking to discover the glory of God?  The “Glory of God” can be something that is hard to wrap your mind around.  But simply speaking, the Glory of God is a visible, tangible showing of Himself in power, strength, care, grace, mercy and love.  There are many other ways He shows us His Glory but let us just start with looking for these.  I really want to see this Glory every day.  Let’s be a people who delight in seeking the Glory of God today.  Seeking the Glory of God is a discipline that we are called to cultivate within us.  When is the last time you have had a Glory of God sighting?  Stop and look.  As believers we are to be people who are captivated with discovering God’s Glory in everyday moments.  Have you seen His glory recently?
Why is this spiritual discipline of seeking and finding the Glory of God so important?  Because, this is one of the ways that the Lord reminds us of His steadfast love for us.  Our loving God wants us to encouraged, empowered, loved, cared for and fearless as we endure each and every day.  In these chaotic times our daily spiritual resilience is dependent upon seeing the Glory of God in our day to day struggles and victories.  A defeated follower of Christ  can be awakened into living a victorious life in Christ by seeking and finding His glory today.
This week in Luke 9:28-36, Jesus shows three of His disciples His glory.  Jesus showed these three disciples His divine glory that was given to Him from His Father before the foundation of the world.  One reason for this moment of Jesus’ transfiguration, His shining forth of eternal Glory, was that Jesus knew that these disciples needed this personal experience to get them through what the next several months would bring into their lives.  Jesus knew that His beatings, His death, and His burial was going to be more than they could take.  So, what did Jesus do?  He showed them a glimpse of His eternal Glory so that they would be encouraged, empowered, loved and fearless to endure all the sufferings and hardships that they would be going through in the upcoming months and years.
This is also what Jesus does for us today.  He shows us His Glory for us to be encouraged, empowered, loved and fearless to endure whatever comes in the days, weeks and years ahead.  Let us have the heart of David.  David gives us a taste of his daily striving to see the Glory of God in his daily life even when life had brought him into a spiritual desert. 
Psalm 63:1  O’ God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.

Look around you now, where do you see a visible, tangible showing of God in power, strength, care, grace, mercy and love.  Be encouraged today, seek and find the Glory of God today.  

I look forward to worshipping with you remotely this Sunday – Steve

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