Gracious words are always the right words.

March 16, 2018
Hey GCT:  As we learned last week, God is all about words - dialog - communication - discourse - chatting - heart to heart - connecting.  God loves words.  He created us to speak words.  He has great intentions for every word that comes from our heart.  Unfortunately, many times our own sinfulness takes hold of our hearts when our desires, wants, intentions and emotions have been crossed.  Then watch out!  Our hearts produce words that are destructive and BAM! We have “grieved the Holy Spirit of God (Eph 4.30)” and most likely someone we love.

This Sunday we are going to finish what we started last week - Ephesians 4.29-30.  Paul makes it really clear what God has intended our words to do.  Every single word, every day, all day that comes from the abundance of our hearts are to do three things well:

1- Words are to come from a heart that has determined exactly what needs to be said at the best time to say them. How do we do this?
2- The function of our words are to build up those who receive them.  Everyone?
3- The ingredients of our words are all natural, no additives, 100% fully GRACE.  What does this look like?

I really look forward to seeing you on Sunday to worship together and digging in more deeply on the subject of "God has a grand purpose for every word that proceeds from our heart.” - IN Christ, Steve

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