Keep On Being Filled With The Holy Spirit Continually

May 5, 2018
Hey GCT:  What a life changing command in Ephesians 5:18!  As you know, whenever there is a command from Scripture it brings with it great responsibility for us to do something about that command - to be obedient to that command.  The greatness about this command, “Continually be filled with the Holy Spirit of God,” is that as we obey this command we get to experience God Himself in our lives continually.  What a blessing for us and what a blessing for others as the Holy Spirit of God spills out of our lives unto others.  The Holy Spirit of God is a person not some sort of high energy protein shake that just gives us some sort of subjective energy boost.  Being filled with the Spirit is being filled with the very Spirit of our Holy God.  God wants us to come under increasingly more intense and intimate influence of the HIs Spirit and Paul uses the picture of being drunk with wine to show us what that is like and unlike.  Just like you can’t hide being drunk and it affects your whole being, the filling and control of the Spirit cannot be hidden as we walk through this world. He affects our entire being.  Ephesians 5, shows clearly what being filled with the Spirit looks like in our lives.  Sunday we will look at how the filling of the Holy Spirit makes us speak differently and sing differently as His control brings continual thanksgiving from our hearts and a perpetual submission to our brothers and sisters in Christ.  GCT keep being filled continually with the Holy Spirit of God.  I can’t wait to worship God with you Sunday as we desire another filling of His Holy Spirit and as He has promised to freely give His Spirit to us again and again.  In HIs Spirit - Steve

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