PEACE = Jesus joining together what is broken; harmony; lack of discord

November 3, 2017
Hey GCT: This Sunday John Zino will be leading us through Ephesians 2:11-16 while I am enjoying hanging out with our youth on a crazy fun Fall Retreat. The Scripture for this Sunday starts with a command for us to remember how dismal life is like without Christ and then quickly reminds us, once again, of what Jesus Christ has accomplished for us on His cross. "BUT NOW," Jesus as our peace has broken down hostility between us and God, reconciled us, killed hostility between us and God and has brought us near in Him. Take a moment and dwell on how Jesus, the person, is our peace. This word peace simply means "to join together what is separated or broken, no discord." This is not just some abstract concept but a reality of peace in Jesus Christ. Jesus has accomplished peace for us and sustains our peace moment by moment. In Christ we are at peace with God and in Christ we can be at peace with others as we abide in Him and yield to His presence and His desires and His commands. Peace will win. Who do you need to seek peace with? God? Others? In Christ peace is obtained and realized. Hope to see you Sunday.

This Sunday evening we will be gathering for a time of prayer for each other, our church and our world at 6pm at LST. Please make this a priority.

I have two prayer requests I would like for you to join me in praying for this weekend:
1) Please pray for the youth this weekend as they get away together on a Fall Retreat from the every day pressures of life. Pray that the Lord will move in the hearts of the youth and that they will have a greater unity with each other in Christ and have great encouragement to abide in Christ.
2) Pray for an opportunity that my SFFC work has in NC. We are in the finals for consideration by the John William Pope Foundation for a large grant for our work in the Raleigh area. They meet on Monday evening to make final decisions on who gets the grants.

Together in Christ, Steve

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