The Best Rest!

Monday, October 17, 2016
Hebrews 4:9 So then, there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God, 10 for whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did from his.

We worship a God who has given us rest in Jesus Christ!  That kind of rest is better than any other rest that we can possibly comprehend on this Earth.  As believers we can rest from working our way to righteousness and striving to be acceptable by a Holy God.  This was accomplished by Christ and now we can rest in Him as our Sabbath.  Jesus gives us spiritual rest.  Let us take time as believers to dwell on this rest that only Christ can give.  We are resting in Christ knowing that we are totally accepted by God, made Holy in Christ, our sins have been removed, God’s wrath has been appeased, we are no longer alienated from God, the price has been paid for the penalty of sin, and the powers of darkness have been defeated all by Christ.  All of this was done by Christ for us, so lets joyfully rest in Him knowing that He is our Sabbath rest.

Thank you Father for making a way for us through Jesus Christ!  Let us enjoy You through resting from our spiritual works.  Let us rest in Christ for that amazing gift of salvation that comes from His death on the Cross.  Please, give us a fuller comprehension of what Chirst has accomplished for us in His death and resurrection on the Cross at Calvary. In Jesus name!

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