The LORD restores your soul perfectly.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Psalm 19:7 The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving (restoring) the soul;

We are known by our Father in heaven who is not only perfect but His law perfectly revives our soul.  That makes me happy.  The Law is so “perfect”, that nothing can be taken from it, or added to it. The word Law can also be translated doctrine.  What is doctrine?  This is what God teaches about Himself, His ways, His requirements and how He works in our lives.  The LORD’s teachings about Himself and His requirements of us are perfect and they restore our lives from disorder, decay, sorrow, affliction, and from death. Through learning the Law we are restored from moral blindness to moral perfection as it restores us from sinfulness to righteousness.  That is only done through the work of Jesus Christ, who is the incarnation of God’s perfect Law.  Be restored perfectly today through the work of Jesus Christ who is fulfillment of God’s Law.  Knowing His Law is knowing Jesus.

Perfect Father in heaven, thank you for your perfect law that revives our soul perfectly.  LORD, please give us restoration from our sinfulness as we seek Jesus Christ the fulfillment of your Law.  Let us experience restoration in our minds, our hearts, our actions, our relationships, our families, our children.  Let our lives be lived with the desire to restore and not tear down.  You are the God of restoration, let that be our desire as we go throughout this day and everyday... Restoration.  In Jesus' perfect name, Amen.

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