Words can bring life, Words can bring death - We choose

March 9, 2018
Hey GCT:  Words seem so innocent don’t they?  We use words to love our family, direct our schedules, describe our experiences, accomplish our jobs, teach our children, order food, bring life to the ones we love and sometimes mame, destroy, wound, divide and threaten those that we love the most.  We say words without thinking about what they will do to the receiver.  Using words seems so innocent and harmless, yet, there are few things that we do every day that is so important than using words.

Have you ever said these or received these phrases?
- When we were dating he never talked to me like that.
- I can’t believe the way my kids are talking to me.
- Every time we talk we end up in an argument.
- Can’t we have just one day in this house with some peace and quiet.

These are some of the responses we hear as our mouths fire away with .45 caliber words that hurt others.  Paul calls these words “corrupting” words.  In our journey through Ephesians we have made it to 4:29,  Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.  Paul commands the new believers that their communication must be free from all talk that destroys others or are harmful, that divide, that are corrupt and are worthless.  This Sunday we are going look at the once and for all remedy for corrupting talk and the promise that God has a plan for every word that comes out of your mouth - to build up and to give grace to the hearer.  We will also be enjoying the Lord’s Supper at the Lord’s Table.  I really look forward to worshipping with you.

With Great Love in Christ!  - Steve

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