God Cannot Be Defeated - So Live Like It

January 15, 2022
Church, God is the undefeated Champion:

Today as a Christian you woke up and started making one decision after another to live your life the way God has called you to live your life - undefeated. You make every effort to live your life honoring to the undefeated King of Kings. And then at some point in your day you have a run in with one of the earthly kings of nations, politics, culture, institutions, education or corporations. The battle is real! You quickly see that these earthly kings are opposing you and the Kingdom of God. They make policies, rules, laws against the King of your worldview, the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. They think that they are defeating the King and you. Life is a struggle! What is your next move? Defeat? Anger? Hopelessness? Revenge? Sulking? 

In Daniel 11, the archangel Gabriel reveals to Daniel that God is working out His story, The Story of Redemption. There are Four Acts to God’s story, 1- Creation, 2- Fall, 3- Redemption and 4- Consummation. We are all presently in Act 3 - Redemption. Gabriel reveals to Daniel that during this redemptive history, from Adam to today, there will be unending efforts to defeat His Kingdom from nations, politics, kings, presidents, laws, and ethics (Daniel 11:1-12:8). We, as Christians, must expect this battle. We must not retreat in fear but stand in fearlessness and boldness. Gabriel also shows us that there will be calls for peace but each effort for peace is temporal. We can see this truth in our own limited life span. Earthly peace is temporary.

God tells His people in Daniel 11, through Gabriel, there will be great conflict in this world but I will not be defeated - so you too are undefeatable. Our response to this can only be to not put our trust in nations, political parties, politicians, presidents or ex-presidents but to put our trust in the LORD. He wants our hope to be in Christ. He wants our words, our attitudes and emotions to show the world that we are trusting in the King of Kings. He wants us to have no fear of current events or the news. He wants us to have bold faith with bold trusting vocabulary. He wants us to live and talk undefeated. He wants us to speak words of love and hope. He wants every part of who we are to manifest total trust in knowing that He is working out His perfect plan no matter what happens today. Live like your King of Kings is undefeatable.

Psalm 118:8-9 It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.

See you Sunday - undefeated, Steve

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