God Declares You Holy

January 28, 2022
Church family:
Do you live your life trusting that you are counted as completely righteous by God by the faith that He has given you In Christ?

Or do you live your life hopelessly and endlessly trying to achieve a holiness that you think will one day satisfy the Holy Creator God? 

As humans we were designed to work so that we can eat, survive and achieve. However, this God-given design to work and achieve naturally bleeds over into a desire to earn a righteousness and salvation that only God can give. God tells us in scripture that no human can attain a holiness through their own works and efforts (Romans 3:9-20). We can never earn a holiness that God requires. This can be a frightening thought. But the good news is that through the free gift of faith alone, God counts the ungodly as righteous because of the work of Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 5:21, Romans 5:17-18).

This is called “justification.” Justification means that God has made a legal declaration that because of faith in Christ’s death and resurrection we are perfectly Holy and righteous. Because of God justifying you as Holy and righteous all of your sins are forgiven - past, present and future. That is very good news!

Is this justification only to be remembered as a past event in our lives or is it to be enjoyed every day?

Justification is to be enjoyed every day, not just once in our life at the beginning of our Christian walk. To enjoy our justification every day with inexpressible joy we must learn to look outside of ourselves for the holiness that God requires and not from our own achievements and performance. As believers, our standing before a Holy God as completely holy and righteous as He is holy and righteous is not dependent upon how good or bad we were today. We must look to Jesus Christ’s perfect righteousness that has become our righteousness. Every morning that we wake up look to Christ’s righteousness as our only grounds of acceptance by God not our own successes and failures. Our acceptance by God is because of Christ’s perfect performance not ours. 

In Christ, we have been declared righteous, go and live a life like your identity declares you to be - Holy!

Romans 4:5 And to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted as righteousness...

See you Sunday - having been declared Holy, Steve

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