The Archangel Gabriel Flies To Daniel to Talk About The Messiah

Hello Church Family: God wants you to know who you are. You are the child of the living God who desires to do you good perpetually for eternity. Everything from God today, yesterday and tomorrow is good all the time. You have so much to be thankful for!  

Even exile from a loving God is good for His children. As we discussed last week, God intended Israel’s exile for good for them and Daniel. God’s purpose for the 70 years of Israel’s exile was for redemption. God wanted His people to repent and return to Him for a life of abundance and promise. God had good purposed for His people in that very difficult mercy.

As Daniel was praying, confessing sin and asking for mercy from YHWH, look how YHWH responded. He sent His archangel, Gabriel, to Daniel to give him hope, encouragement, favor and complete understanding of what He was doing (Daniel 9:20-23). YHWH wanted Daniel to know His plan of redemption. So, He gives Daniel a complete and clear message that the Messiah was coming and when He comes He will accomplish six things for His people. These six things that YHWH promised Daniel and His people are the same six things that should create with you a heart full of thank-feelings for the Messiah. YHWH, through Gabriel, said in Daniel 9:24, I will send the Messiah to accomplish these six things:

1) To finish the transgression of His people through the Messiah. Jesus ended the breaking of the covenant relationship between YHWH and His people, you included – forever - never to separated.

2) To put an end to sin. Jesus is the final sacrifice for sins once and for all. He removed all sins through the blood of His cross. There is no more need of temporary sacrifices. He is the final sacrifice for sins, including your sins.

3) To make atonement for iniquity. Jesus reconciled, paid the penalty, for sin, so that we don’t have to. And that includes the penalty for your sins.

4) To bring an everlasting righteousness. Because Christ’s blood is the final sacrifice and He has atoned for our sins we have become the righteousness of Christ that will never end. In Christ, you are the righteousness of Christ before YHWH.

5) To seal up vision and prophecy. Jesus is the fulfillment of all visions and prophecy of the Old Testament- He is God’s final Revelation of Himself. You need not look any further.

6) To anoint the most Holy. Jesus, the most Holy, was anointed for God’s service at His baptism in Matthew 3, to set Him apart for the work that He accomplished for all eternity.

And all of this was revealed by Gabriel from YHWH to Daniel in 539bc in response to his confession and plea before YHWH. He wanted Daniel and His people to be encouraged with His favor of the coming Messiah. This is the YHWH we worship – merciful, gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. Let thankfulness pour out of your heart and from your lips that we have a restoration form spiritual exile that is not temporary but eternal and filled with an abundance of eternal blessings and promises.

I look forward to worshipping with you Sunday, our covenant keeping God,

November 26, 2021

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