God Does Not Kill Pleasure - God Creates Pleasure

April 1, 2022
Hey Church Family: Here is some great news that comes with the gospel - God created joy and pleasure and He wants you to experience the inexpressible joy and pleasure within His commands, statutes, definitions and His presence. But beware, the world does everything it can to tell you the opposite. They say that God exists to make you miserable and to kill your joy. They say that God has an eternal frown directed to you expecting you to frown back in despair. In fact, the world is involved in the grand conspiracy - making the truth about God a lie (Romans 1:25). God tells us through His Word and His Creation that He has created pleasure and happiness for your enjoyment. In fact, in His presence is a fullness of joy and a completeness of pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16:11). That is a level of pleasure that the world will never achieve.
Think with me, God created the colors in creation for your created eyes to take in and be amazed. He created your tastebuds to enjoy all the divinely created flavors. He created relationships for your created soul to experience created love and affections. And yes, He created sexual organs and their created nerve endings, so that married heterosexual couples could enjoy the created physical desire of their created emotional love. God does not exist to kill joy. He exists to give joy and pleasure inexpressible (1 Peter 1:8, 1 Cor. 10:31). 
How do we get to experience the joy and pleasures forevermore on this earth? We submit to the One who created colors, flavors, relationships, genders and sex. Because God created the Universe, He then has the authority of clearly telling all His creation how to live life to the full in His Creation. And this is where the world rejects God, saying, "God cannot tell me how to seek joy and pleasure, that is my decision and this is my body and I make up my own definitions for joy and pleasure."

Experiencing joy and pleasure is a trust issue. Trusting in God’s commands on how we should live in His Creation is a submission and trust in God that He will deliver joy and pleasures forevermore, greater than if I pursued them through my own desires and definitions (Romans 1:24-32). God reveals to us that we need to be saved from our own desires to live life pursuing selfish joys and pleasures because they will lead to a life of death and destruction. Trusting God means trusting in His commands, rules, statutes and definitions of what produces the greatest joy and pleasures possible.
God says, submit to my commands and you will find greater happiness and joy than you ever could if you ignore and suppress my commands, seeking to satisfy your own desires. God’s commands are not to yell at us and take away our joy and pleasures but instead enhance and multiply them on a cosmic level.
I will see you Sunday enjoying joy inexpressible, Steve.

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