God's Kindness Has A Purpose

April 22, 2022
Church Family: God is Kind. He is not just nice but Kind. His kindness never ends. In fact, God makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and the unjust (Mat. 5:45). This means that God is so kind that He keeps pouring out blessings upon those who hate Him. God in His kindness provides for those who love Him and those who hate Him every day and yet those who hate Him never stop to consider that these blessings are from God’s kindness. Everything that we own, our health, our breath, our family, our home, our job, our capabilities and every other gift is from the kindness of God. There is nothing that we have, enjoy or experience that is not created from God’s kindness towards us.

God’s kindness has one purpose, to lead us and draw us to Himself so that we would recognize our sinful condition and turn to Him in repentance and delight (Romans 2:4). This powerful leading and drawing is never harsh or cruel but it shows us that we cannot obtain salvation by ourselves. God in His kindness shows us that we need Him. When He rebukes, corrects, and instructs us, He does so in a kind and gentle way designed to lead us to repentance.

Because God is kind, He bears with us in our sins instead of striking us down the very moment we engage in sin. In God’s kindness He is perfectly patient. He postpones punishment so that we repent. God in His kindness is slow to anger and abounding is steadfast love, faithfulness, mercy and grace (Psalm 86:15).

What do you do with God’s kindness manifested in your life? Do you see His kindness? Have you taken inventory of His manifested kindness lately? Do you think that you are entitled to the good gifts of God? The question Paul asks in Romans 2:4, is “do you presume on the riches of God’s kindness?” Presume means, show contempt, scoff, mock, laugh at, make light of, boo, jeer. Let us not presume upon God’s kindness, instead let us rejoice in a God who is perfectly kind to us and let that kindness lead to repentance of sin and growth in Christ-likeness.

Enjoying God's kindness, Steve

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