The Gospel Dynamo

March 18, 2022
Church family: When we talk about the gospel we tend to think of a specific message that is aimed at convincing people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. However, the gospel is so much more than what we have made it. The gospel is the POWER of God for salvation (Romans 1:16). 

We have most likely heard that the Greek word for power in the Bible is dynamis which is where we get the word dynamite. So, is that what the gospel does, blows everything to smithereens? No, the word dynamis is also where we get the word dynamo. Do you know what a dynamo is? A dynamo generates power. I have a dynamo at my house that I have used frequently after hurricanes. My little dynamo generator produces sustaining power that causes wonderful things to happen in life, like power my refrigerator and freezer, it powers my water pump to my house, it powers my hot water heater. My little dynamo does very powerful sustaining work daily. It keeps running and running producing great power. It is an amazing little dynamo. Paul tells us that the gospel is an eternal dynamo of power. The gospel is the dynamo for salvation to everyone who believes. The gospel is the POWER of God that generates salvation in everyone who believes and it continues to power the life of the believer until our glorification.

This means that the gospel is not simply God telling us what we have to do or just what exactly we have to believe for salvation. If that were true then the power required for salvation would be in us, in our believing these truths. No, instead the gospel is the very POWER of God that generates salvation within those who believe. That salvation generating POWER is an eternal power that is at work within us every day producing good works. The gospel is God’s fresh daily redeeming POWER that sustains our salvation no matter what comes our way today or tomorrow.

Every four days my little dynamo generator needs more LP to produce more power. However, God's gospel POWER will never be depleted because it is powered by God Himself through the eternal salvation producing and sustaining power that God determined through Jesus Christ before the creation of the world. As a believer, you have the gospel dynamo producing and sustaining salvation POWER in you every moment of every day. And so, I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes... Romans 1:16.

Cant wait to worship with you Sunday in the power of the Gospel, Steve

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