Truth Always Comes Up for Breath

March 25, 2022
Church Family: Have you ever tried to push down something that refuses to be pushed down? When I was a kid, and my older brother and I were out swimming, my brother always had this great brotherly, loving desire to hold me under the water until he would see submission bubbles. I did not want to be held down to the point of breathing water, I wanted oxygen, so I fought back. Much like my brother suppressing me into the water holding me down, we as humans naturally hold down the Truth in unrighteousness wanting Truth to disappear and go away (Romans 1:18). But what will Truth always do? Truth will always fight back. Truth will push back with a greater force than what we can push it down with. Truth will always come up for breath. Truth will always win and we will be held accountable without excuse for that Truth we were trying to deny or ignore or kill.

How do we suppress, hold down, push down the Truth? Romans 1:18 says, we hold down the Truth in our unrighteousness (wickedness). One way we do this is through our own disobedience. When God’s righteousness is revealed to us through the Truth of scripture and we refuse to receive those commands, we suppress Truth in unrighteousness. We choose to disobey those Truths. When we start the act of suppressing Truth through disobedience, we then open ourselves up for more sin and more sin. If we continue to actively suppress the Truth, the enemy steps in and makes us love lies and then we accept lies as truths. When we refuse to listen to God as we suppress Truths in unrighteousness, His wrath will allow us to experience the disastrous results of our disobedience (Romans 8:5-11) for the purpose of our repentance.

What if we do not repent of suppressing Truth in unrighteousness? We become like the world, mocking the idea of a Holy Creator God. Many in the world have spent a lifetime suppressing Truth, making arguments to “prove” that God does not exist. They have hardened their heart and sedated their souls to God’s absolute creative power and Godhood. Let us with great humility know that this is where suppressing Truth leads. God gives those who suppress the Truth in unrighteousness over to a deeper self-delusion and deeper acts of unrighteousness (Romans 1:24-28).

The revelation of Truth came in Jesus Christ! He said, "I am the Truth." Truth cannot contain any lies, deception or anything that does not have its source in God! God has called us to love, enjoy and delight in Truth in righteousness. Love Truth! All of it!

Can't wait to worship with you in Truth and Spirit Sunday, Steve

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