100% Guaranteed

August 5, 2022
Church Family: As a believer who still struggles with sin, do you have a guarantee that you can absolutely bank on that proves that God has accomplished His miraculous work in you of making you a new creation in Christ Jesus, forgiven and declared righteous?

The answer is absolutely, Yes! God gives us a money back, lifetime guarantee, a seal, to authenticate that you have been raised from the dead spiritually and that He has made you alive with Him (Col. 2:13). God, the Creator of this universe, gives you a personal guarantee that your inheritance of eternal life is a done deal.

What is His guarantee, seal for you? The seal, this guarantee is not a “what” like the Old Testament circumcision but a “who” the very Holy Spirit of God given to you. In the Old Testament, Abraham received the physical sign of circumcision that pointed to the seal of righteousness that he had by faith (Romans 4:9-12). Under the New Covenant we get the seal of the Holy Spirit that confirms that God’s ownership of us is genuine and true in Christ Jesus.

How do you receive this seal? God seals you with His Holy Spirit when you hear the word of Truth, the gospel of salvation, and then believe in Christ for that salvation (Ephesians 1:13-14).

What are some of the benefits of God sealing you with His Spirit? The sealing declares that you are owned by God the Father. You have the guarantee of eternal inheritance which Christ promised and secured for you at the cross. Your faith is proven to be genuine and your identity as a child of God and a heir of His kingdom is confirmed (Romans 8:15-16; Gal. 4:6). You are guaranteed no condemnation or separation from God (Romans 5:1; 8:1). You are guaranteed steadfastness in trials, tribulation and difficulties in this life (Romans 8:34-39). You are sealed from the wrath of God (Rev. 7:3). The seal of the Holy Spirit declares that you are owned by God and that He is absolutely committed to you.

Do you meditate on and enjoy this great gift of the Spirit of God sealing you? The sealing of the Holy Spirit is ready to provide for you at this moment a foretaste of your final inheritance. How does that happen? Go to Scripture and meditate on the promise of God’s complete, comforting and empowering presence of HIs Holy Spirit in your heart right now.

See you Sunday, sealed with Holy Spirit, Steve

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