Believers Will Never Experience God's Wrath

September 16, 2022
Church Family: Do you ever find yourself going through difficult circumstances in life thinking that God is lashing out at you because you have really made Him mad? Do you think that God is having an outburst of Godly wrath upon you because of something you have done? Will you as a redeemed child of God ever experience the wrath of God? No, no, and no! A redeemed, justified, child of God will never experience the wrath of God because of the work of the Son of God, Jesus Christ (Romans 5:9).

Today, wrath and vengeance are unpopular words, mostly because we as humans do both with such recklessness and irrationality. In other words, when we get angry and wrathful we get really stupid. However, God’s wrath is a function of His love for us. God’s wrath is His love for holiness and truth and justice. It is because God loves peace, holiness, purity, and justice in the world that He reacts with anger and wrath toward anything and anyone who corrupts them. Would a God who did not hate evil in His world be morally perfect? God must have an opposing reaction to evil if He is morally perfect.

Yes, the Bible says that God is love (1 John 4:8), it never says that “God is wrath.” However, God does experience and express wrath and vengeance (Hebrews 10:26-27; Revelation 19:15) upon His enemies. Well guess what? Our natural human condition is ungodly, sinners and enemies (Romans 5:6-11) deserving His wrath. God cannot overlook our sin as a perfectly just and holy God.

But God does something totally different because He is love. Not wanting any of us to experience His wrath, God takes action for us. God takes His wrath that was upon us and puts it fully upon His Son, Jesus Christ, who mercifully took the full measure of His Father's wrath and punishment upon Himself. In God’s perfect justice and righteousness, it is God's overall loving character that made a way for His amazing grace to spare us from His own wrath. That love has a name, Jesus Christ. As a redeemed, Child of God, you will never experience the wrath of God because Jesus drank the entire cup of God's wrath that was to be yours (Matthew 26:39). Thank you Jesus!

See you Sunday, de-wrathed, Steve

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