Jesus Christ, The True and Better Adam

September 23, 2022
Church family: As you know, things are not the way they are supposed to be. Every human that has ever lived has contributed to things not being what they are supposed to be. Whether through lying, slander, gossip, lust, selfishness, pride, envy, murder, or any other sin that we pursue, we perpetuate the world not being the way it is supposed to be. But why? With the exception of Jesus Christ, why is it that out of all 108 billion people who have ever lived and are living on earth we have all chosen sin?

The Bible tells us why the world is broken by sin. The Apostle Paul explains clearly that God made Adam our representative as “the one man” (Romans 5:12-21) the "first man." In God's providential plan of redemption God intended for Adam to represent us as humanity. That does not sound like a great deal does it? So, Adam’s sin is accounted to all humanity even though we did nothing. We are universally guilty for Adam’s sin which has wrecked us completely so that we also pursue sin ourselves making everything broken in sin. Thanks Adam.

But wait! There is amazing news, of course. This is all part of God's purpose and plan of redemption. In a very similar way, Jesus, the "second Adam" (1 Cor. 15:45-49) is our representative. Jesus’ life of righteous obedience is to be accounted as yours even though you did nothing. Christ’s righteousness is accounted to all whom He represents through faith by grace. If you are “in Christ” you are declared righteous.

So yes, you were made a sinner by Adam’s sin, because of nothing that you did, because God made Adam your representative. But God will make you perfectly righteous because of Christ’s perfect work of righteousness, because of nothing that you have done. This is all by grace that you can be declared righteous through faith alone.

"Christ, the true and better Adam, Son of God and Son of man
Who, when tempted in the garden, never yielded, never sinned
He Who makes the many righteous, brings us back to life again,
Dying, He reversed the curse, then rising, crushed the serpent's head." - Boswell, Papa, Getty

Do you live in the brokenness of being a child of the "first Adam." Or do you live in the truth of being made righteous by the "second Adam"? Enjoy being made new by the "second Adam," Jesus Christ, He is the true and better Adam.

See you Sunday, made righteous in Christ, Steve

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