Why did I just do that?

December 2, 2022
Church Family: Are you struggling with sin today? Do you ever think, "why did I just do that?" You are not alone. We all still struggle with sin. Even while being declared righteous we choose words that kill relationships? We set our minds on the things of the world and flesh and pursue them. Why? Why is this Christian walk such a struggle? Why do we have to fight every day to live a holy life honoring to God? This battle can be so defeating, hopeless, and depressing. God’s Word says, don’t give up the fight, it is going to be a long one. Keep fighting in Christ! Romans 7:14-25. The Lord is not content for mere external holiness. He wants our hearts, and He measures holiness based on what lies within (1 Sam. 16:7). Fight the flesh.

Do you know your enemy in this lifelong fight? The enemy is none other than yourself. You are in a battle with your very own flesh. What is this flesh you do battle with? As a believer, your flesh is any part of your sinful human nature that is not transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. The flesh is any part of you that you are not presenting to God as an instrument for righteousness. Your flesh can be your mouth, your eyes, your arms, your ears, your mind. Yes, even having been declared to be righteous in Christ you will still struggle every day with putting to death the “works of the flesh” (Gal. 5:19-21). Don’t be discouraged but also don’t make peace within this battle with flesh. The Spirit of God in you will never be at peace with flesh that is rebelling against Him. Flesh is never neutral.

What do you do to remain steadfast in this battle against our flesh? You declare in your heart that in Christ you have experienced a decisive victory in the battle against sin’s dominion. You are the new Spiritual person, free from the dominion of sin. Make personal declarations that you are permanently in Christ, made righteous. You are freed in Christ and that is your true identity. You must act on the truths of being set free from the slavery of sin and flesh especially when your sin nature still wages local skirmishes within our members to be instruments of unrighteousness. The final and perfect deliverance from the effects of indwelling sin is still to come when Christ returns and you are glorified, made perfect, sin nature gone.

As Jesus said in John 6:63, "It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life." Fight the flesh with the power of God, the Holy Spirit, who has given you life and power and weapons for the battle (Eph. 6:10-20). Never give up, never surrender, keep moving forward in sanctification and its end is eternal life (Rom. 6:22).

See you Sunday, fighting the flesh, Steve

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