Confused About What Is Next?

March 10, 2023
Church Family: Do you remember the last time or maybe you are presently in a time of suffering, hardship or maybe you just need a change in life or maybe a greater opportunity has come your way and you do not know whether to take it or not. Life is full of difficult decisions that have to be made. These decisions will absolutely impact your life, your family, your career, and your happiness. During these difficult times the question is never should you pray but how should you pray. You ask for wisdom and discernment and guidance but how do you specifically pray moving forward and for what outcome?

Here is the great news! God has given us, as believers, His very Spirit to help us in our weakness. As humans we are weak. We are weak physically, mentally and spiritually. One of the greatest ways that our weakness shows itself is that we do not know what to pray for as we ought (Rom. 8:26). We do not know what is best. We fear praying for the wrong outcome and heading in the wrong direction. We start to worry about “missing God’s will.” But the Holy Spirit does know what to pray for. He is not wringing His hands in confusion. He is not anxious. He knows exactly the outcome in which He is leading because He is omniscient. He knows the purpose and the end in which He is leading us at every given second. He knows what is best for us and so He promises to intercede for us according to His will especially when we do not know how to move forward. And do not forget, His intercession is always leading us into ultimate good that He has prepared for us and for His perfect glory. It is a guarantee.

When you do not know what to pray for as you ought and you are only capable of groaning and sighing, remember that the Holy Spirit does know what to pray. Take a moment in your time of prayer during seasons of turmoil to acknowledge to the Father that you do not know how to pray in your weakness. Ask the Holy Spirit to make intercession with your spirit with groanings that are “too deep for words.”

Even when you do not know how to move forward in prayer and in your next big decision, remember God does and He is already making intercession for you before the Father. Move forward in boldness and expectation of a future good.

See you Sunday, weak yet Strong in the Spirit, Steve

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