Do You Cry Out, Abba Father?

February 10, 2023
Do you know your real identity? Do you know your real destiny? As one redeemed, brought from death to life, made holy by Jesus Christ, you are a child of God, a son/daughter of Father God, heirs of God’s kingdom, fellow heirs with Christ, and brothers and sisters with other Christians and Christ (Rom. 8:14-17). God is not only your heavenly Father but your "Abba Father." You have been adopted into God’s family and promised an eternal inheritance in His kingdom. God's promises are for you to enjoy today.

As children of God we are told that we can "cry out" to Him as “Abba Father.” Abba is a wonderful Hebrew word used in Judaism to express gentleness, love, intimacy, refuge and provision that was only available within a family relationship. Abba was the name little children would be encouraged to call their loving earthly father.

In the Old Testament, not only was the title for God as "Father" rarely used, but, "Abba Father," is not found anywhere in the Old Testament. The thought that God was more than judge was rare. Intimacy with the Almighty God was uncommon throughout the entire Old Testament. Some within Israel knew God as merciful, gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness (Ps. 86:15), but the vast majority of Israel did not know Almighty God that way.

God, through Jesus Christ, changed all of this (Mark 14:36). Jesus spoke to God not only as Father but as “Abba Father.” Jesus, Son of God, comes on the scene and speaks to God like a child does to his father. Jesus speaks to His Abba Father with an intimate boldness that can only come from an experience of being a child of God.

Brothers and sisters, we have the same Holy Spirit of God that is within us that is our guarantee that we can cry out to our Abba Father, like a child does to his earthly father knowing that his Daddy is coming to his rescue. We have the privilege to say, loving Father God, explain this to me please. Hold me up and sustain me please. Provide for my daily needs please. Come get me please, I am lost. Rescue me please. Take this away from me please. Forgive me please. Strengthen my hope please. Remind me of your love for me please. Abba Father, I am living all of my life for you, thank you for your promises. The Creator God is our Abba Father. Draw near to Him with confidence in your time of need. He knows what you need before you even ask Him, and yet He still wants to be asked (Mat. 6:8).

See you Sunday, gathered as God's children, Steve

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