Does Hope Make You Happy?

March 3, 2023
Church Family: Does your hope make you happy? It is supposed to. God left you great promises for you to bank on while in this sinful world so that you would be happy. If you do not have a hope that makes you happy then your hope is placed in something or someone on this earth that is broken. Everything on this earth has been subjected to futility (Romans 8:20). Everything on this earth is broken because of sin and it will always let you down. Your loving heavenly Father wants you to not only be His child, His son or daughter. But He wants you to be His child full of hope. He wants you to be so completely certain and confident of your inheritance of the kingdom of God that you are filled with a powerful hope filled happiness. The hope that is available in Jesus Christ will never put you to shame (Rom. 5:5).

But what if your hope in God wains or is even crushed? What crushes the hope of God in us? It is usually when we start to tell ourselves that our situation will not change. We tell ourselves this person is not going to change. We say things are not going to get better. We tell ourselves that our pain or health will not get better. That kind of thinking is from the flesh and when we set our mind on the things of the flesh our hope dies.

Church! We have a God who has promised throughout Scripture that He will make everything better! Yes, that is what He says and that is His eternal promise. We are told over and over again to live on this earth with that kind of hope. God wants us to live today knowing that He will make everything perfect.

And yes, this promise is perfectly fulfilled within our heavenly promise where everything will be made new. That is exactly where our minds are to be set as we walk this earth, "on things above, not on things that are on earth." Have this heavenly hope now while walking this earth. Hope in God that He will redeem people and circumstances on this side of heaven. This is our calling - a hope filled happiness. What is your other option?

See you Sunday, full of Hope, Steve

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