Totally and Completely In Debt

February 3, 2023
Church Family: As believers we are debtors. We are debtors to many who have come before us. We are debtors to parents who fed, clothed, taught, corrected, protected and loved us. Take time and think about all the people in your life, past, present and future who have or are pouring into your life to bless you. The list is long. You would not be who you are without them. As the saying goes, “You owe them!” But the truth is that you cannot possibly pay them back for how they have blessed your life. In fact, they may be offended that you would even think about “paying them back.” A lifetime of obedience cannot remove the debt that you owe them. But wait, there is something you can do. You can live a life that honors those who have poured their life out for you.

This is how Paul describes those who have been justified in Jesus Christ. We are debtors to God. We are sons and daughters of God (Rom. 8:12-14) who are under an infinite weight of debt for what He has done for us. We are in debt to God for more than we can ever pay. Take an inventory of what He has done for you. We are under such an eternal obligation to our Triune God who loved us so much that He would come to earth and become man to fulfill our obligation of living a perfectly righteous life according to His perfect moral law. He has saved us from the wrath that was due us. He has redeemed us and counted us righteous. He has given us promises and purpose. He has made us such great promises as His children that we should be set free from fear (Rom. 8:15-17). But wait, there is more. He has made us an heir with Jesus Christ. He has promised us an eternal inheritance that will never be taken away.

As you consider the debt that you owe God, personal pride should wash away. When you look back on your achievements you should see it was God’s hand that did the achieving through you. He simply included you in the blessing. Let us be a people who always acknowledge the debt that we owe God. Let us live lives that declare, “I am a debtor to God and I must serve Him for what He has done for me.” When God brings conviction upon your life to do something, or say something, or give something – do it! You are simply acknowledging the debt that you owe Him.

See you Sunday, completely in debt to God, Steve

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