God Sharing His Glory With You

Church Family: Do you ever look up into the heavens above during the day or night and let them declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1)? What are the heavens declaring about God? His glory. The glory of God is the splendor and brilliance of all God’s attributes. Glory is not one attribute of God, like His omnipotence. Rather "glory" is the description that summarizes all the attributes of God. Glory means, weightiness, majesty, and beauty. Throughout Scripture various experiences are associated with God’s glory: light (Num. 6:25; thunder, brightness, fire, beauty (Ex. 24:16-17; Ps. 29:3); clouds (Mark 14:62). Throughout Scripture glory is God’s “visible splendor.”

Now think with me. Think about the weight, majesty and beauty that the night sky declares about God. That is just a tiny glimpse of His infinite glory. That glory of God is what He wants to fully restore in us the same way that Adam and Eve fully enjoyed His glory before sin came into the world. When God does this to us, this is called "being glorified."

Right now we fall short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23). Man (Adam) and woman (Eve) were created by God in His image for His purpose but Adam fell in sin and therefore lost the fullness of God’s glory (Gen. 3). We are still living in the effects of Adam’s sin, de-glorified (Rom. 5:12). However, immediately after Adam fell in sin God enacted His plan and purpose to restore His glory (glorification) to His children through sending His Son, Jesus Christ (Gen. 3:15). God foreloved a people, God predestined a people, God effectually called a people, God justified a people for God to fully restore His glory in those people (Rom. 8:29-30).

When God fully glorifies us, He will completely restore His glory that He created us to have before Adam’s sin. What will this look like? We will be like the resurrected and ascended Christ, fully sharing in the glory of God as a man/woman. The glory that Adam lost, Christ the new Adam reclaims for us.

Your glorification includes glorified bodies free from all evils, no longer being afflicted by sin, ignorance, error, illness, sadness, fear, worry, or enemies. You will be delivered from all pain and suffering. You will completely enjoy the LORD as He will satisfy every thought and desire with an inexhaustible treasure of excellent things. You will experience endless joy. You will see the Lord face to face with no obscurity. You will learn of God’s infinite wisdom. You will see perfectly your heavenly Father’s eternal love for you. This is a glimpse of God’s loving purpose for you in glorification. If you have been justified, God will glorify you, completely.

What about today? The glory that the Father gave Jesus, He gives to us (John 17:22). As we grow in the Lord, the glory within us begins to grow and to reveal itself in what we say and do and the way we say and do it. People do not see us and glorify us; they see the Lord and glorify Him. God gets the glory. Enjoy this amazing promise, let it make all fear and worry disappear.

See you Sunday, growing in glory, Steve

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