Moms Fill the Earth With Image Bearers of God

Church Family: I love my Mom. She has been nurturing me for 54 years. Mothers are nurturers. They nurture things, especially their own children. That is what God made them to do, nurture. I love being nurtured by my Mom. Even today, if I go to my parent's house my Mom immediately goes into nurture mode. Steve eat this, drink this, eat more of this, you look tired, you need rest, are you sleeping, are you eating enough? It really is amazing to watch a Mom nurture her children. Each Mom does it a little different than the other but, without a doubt, they have an innate God given ability to nurture.

Unfortunately, our culture today is at war against motherhood. Our secular society is actively redefining what they want motherhood to be. One great way we can honor mothers on Mother’s Day is to defend God’s high calling of women to the work of biblical motherhood. Without motherhood the Bible’s story of redemption does not go anywhere. After the Fall of Adam and Eve, God judged the Serpent and then turned to the woman (Eve) and declared that her seed will crush the serpent’s head (Gen. 3:15). Motherhood is vital to the main plot of the Bible and would not be able to be accomplished without the Bible's long history of faithful Mom’s.

Mom’s, you have this same calling. You are the hand's of God as He uses you to shape and form eternal souls to workout His plan of redemption. The Lord has called you and your husband to, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it… (Gen. 1:25-28). This command was spoken by God to our original parents, Adam and Eve. God called them to fill every corner of the earth with little images of Himself, the imago dei (image bearers of God). God is working through you today to nurture little image bearers of God in the endless, daily, mundane moments of making endless meals, changing diapers, reading stories, doing infinite laundry, scheduling sports, education and the list goes on and on. You have an eternal high calling of raising image bearers of God to redeem culture and all of this is worked out in the mundane day to day.

And just think, these little image bearers of God, your children, are being used by God to "subdue" the earth. And you are saying, this kid of mine who cannot even wipe his nose or make his own bed is to subdue the earth? Yes! “Subdue” in Genesis 1:28, means to make the earth useful for human beings’ benefit and enjoyment. In other words, these little images of God that He used you and your husband to bring into this world are for the purpose of increasing His glory in everything that they do in His creation. As you pour into your children, fighting against the world's influence on them, praying over them, discipling them unto the Lord, they make the world a more beautiful, beneficial and enjoyable place for you and everyone around them.

Keep on Mom! God loves it when you do your Mom thing of nurturing God's image bearers. It brings Him great glory. Thank you for being used to restore and redeem the culture and not be transformed by it. Thank you for being used by God to fill the earth, making His creation a more beautiful place.

See you Sunday, with other image bearers, Steve

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