God's Will as a Way of Life

Do you know God’s will for your life? Which one of those ten options in front of you is God’s will? Are you waiting right now for God to reveal His will? Have you been waiting long? Are you looking at God’s will as something He is hiding from you as you seek it? Do you think you need to hear every part of His will before you take the first step? Can you miss God’s will? If you "missed" God’s will, will you be punished forever and your life be miserable?

The term “God’s will” is used several different ways in Scripture. First, God’s will is His will of decree also known as His sovereign will. This refers to all that God has ordained. Everything that comes to pass is according to God’s sovereign decree. And all that He decrees will ultimately come to pass. Second, God’s will is His will of desire also known as His will of command. This refers to what God has commanded is what He desires from His creation, holiness and glory. If the will of decree is how things are, the will of desire is how things ought to be. Third, is God’s will of direction for you. This is generally where God's will gets murky and Christians get anxious, discouraged, joyless, cowardly and even unable to make a decision for fear of making the “wrong decision outside of God’s will.” This is not God's intention for you as you seek His will of direction for your life.

Throughout Scripture God is extensively wordy concerning what He wants you to do today but it is virtually quiet when He talks about what He wants you to do tomorrow. For example, James told Christians who were confident about tomorrow that they are arrogant and evil (James 4:14-17). Jesus tells His followers not to be anxious about tomorrow but concentrate on what you must do today. God will take care of tomorrow (Mat. 6:34). Jesus’ teaching on God’s will is very simple, do not worry, as unbelievers do about present circumstances or future problems. Instead, Jesus commands, “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you” (Mat 6:33). Paul says that God’s will is walking in holiness, being filled with the Holy Spirit, making melody in your heart with other brothers and sisters in Christ and giving thanks to the Lord (Eph. 5:15-21). In Scripture you will never see God’s will as being some top secret plan of God that He calls you to spend weeks or years finding out what it is.

God’s will of direction for you should be a way of daily life as you seek first His kingdom in whatever you do. And if you are seeking first God’s kingdom, He will allow you to follow numerous pathways to live out His will. You can live in Hampstead, NC or Hampstead England as long as you put God above everything in your life. You can be an electrician or an electrical engineer as long as God is King of you in either profession. You can be single with no kids or married with ten kids as long you are seeking to honor God from your family of one or your family of twelve. God’s will for us is to surrender everything to Him and when we do we will boldly and without hesitation see that the world is filled with endless possibilities to do His will.
The time to do God’s will is today not tomorrow, When we see that God’s will is to be done today, we will be doing His will everyday with great freedom, confidence, usefulness and absence of regret as we attempt and accomplish great things for God through holy lives.

Live God's will today.

See you Sunday, in God's perfect will: Steve

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