Wisdom to Know God’s Will

Isn't it interesting that as Christian’s we are never told in Scripture to ask God to reveal His plan for our lives? Yes, it is a daily temptation to beg God to get a glimpse of tomorrow. That is His secret will for you and He calls you to live by faith trusting that He has it all for your good and His glory. On the other hand, you are told repeatedly to plea to God for wisdom and to cry aloud for understanding so that you will know His specific will for you as difficulties and life changes come today and tomorrow. In other words, God tells you not to ask to see all the plans that He has made for you but instead ask for wisdom to discern what His specific will for you is daily.

What is this wisdom that we are to call out to God to receive? Proverbs 2:5, says, Wisdom is understanding the fear of the Lord and finding the knowledge of God. Wisdom is not just something that is stored in your renewed mind. Throughout the book of Proverbs wisdom always leads to righteousness and Godliness. Wisdom always results in living life in the likeness of God. There is another option besides wisdom that we find in Proverbs. You can be a fool. Proverbs shows us the opposite of one who seeks wisdom is the fool. A fool is not just some ignorant person but one who decidedly does not live God’s way. The fool is absent of any desire for godliness. Simply put, wisdom is knowing God and doing what He commands and foolishness is the opposite. Foolishness is turning from God and listening only to yourself.

If you want to be a follower of Christ who quickly recognizes His will for you today with confidence, then seek wisdom. Receive God's words and treasure them up. Love listening to wisdom. Incline (stretch out) your heart to understanding. Call out for insight from God and others who seek wisdom. Raise your voice to understand from God and others who seek wisdom. Seek for wisdom as for silver and like a treasure. If we live a life desiring wisdom like this then you are promised that you will understand what the fear of the Lord is and you will find the knowledge of God (Proverbs 2:1-7). The result is a life that is fully and profoundly God-centered. You will be living your life obedient to God's revealed will which will result in you easily discerning God’s good and acceptable and perfect will for you today (Romans 12:2).
See you Sunday, in God's will: Steve

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