Do You Serve God With Zeal or Lukewarmness?

Church family: God loves for us to serve Him with zeal. What a great word... Zeal! Zeal is another one of those powerful words in the Bible that informs our lives. What is zeal? Zeal is an eagerness to do something with your greatest ability and all your strength. To be zealous means that you are not slow or lazy or half-hearted in your pursuit of some object or purpose. God loves zeal. He calls us to serve Him with zeal and a fervency of spirit (Rom. 12:11).

Receiving salvation through the work of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift in the world. You have been given eternal life. Nothing can separate you from Christ. Everything works for your good. These truths must ignite your faith with zeal. Not to be zealous for God in your service to Him is a sign of spiritual blindness and disability. Our Father in heaven wants you to have a burning desire to please Him in everything that you put your hands to do. He wants you to have an eagerness to do His will with your greatest ability and strength rather than lukewarmness and do-nothingness.

Serving God with zeal does not come naturally for us. Our natural flesh wants to be slothful in zeal as we justify a lukewarm spirit in our service to God. Why? Because to be zealous in our service to the Lord requires us to deny ourselves, sacrifice, suffer, work, be ridiculed and die in our service to Him. Jesus speaks out very clearly against serving Him with lukewarmness. Jesus tells us in Revelation 3:16, those who serve with lukewarmness “will be spit out of His mouth.” That is horribly convicting. Serving God with zeal is of great importance to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

How do we grow in zeal and fervency in spirit as we serve the Lord? First, be cultivating a heart that desires more and more the reign of Jesus Christ ruling your life. Second, never be content with your current depth of joy in the Holy Spirit. Third, never be satisfied in your understanding of who God is and how He works throughout Scripture and life. Fourth, be constant in prayer. Fifth, always be destroying sinful habits. Be zealous and fervent in Spirit as you serve the Lord.

"Beware of cooling down from Christ. You have only to be lazy, and to sit still, and you will soon lose all your warmth. You will soon become another person from what you are now. What should we rest for? Have we not all eternity to rest in?" - Ryle

See you Sunday, zealous for Christ: Steve

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