Palm Sunday - Hosanna in the highest!

March 24, 2018
Hey GCT:  This Sunday is the beginning of what Christians call “Holy Week” or "Passion Week."  Holy week is made up of the eight days from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday.  We are not commanded in Scripture to celebrate Holy Week as the Church but wow - why don’t we!  Eight of the most important days in history for the believer and the Church.  We have such a great opportunity to walk with Christ over the next eight days through the Gospels remembering our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ’s, final week before His crucifixion as He purchased our redemption from sin and death.  Let us take some time as the body of Christ and as families to be reminded of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem as the Son of David, the King of Kings, and the Lamb that was to be slain.  Let us remember His trials and His crucifixion and His powerful resurrection.  This Sunday we are going to take a break from our time in Ephesians to be reminded of how great our Lord Jesus is through His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Please take some time this week and look at the Passion story from the Gospels.  All four of the narratives begin with the Triumphal Entry aka Palm Sunday.  Let the Holy Spirit make these stories new and powerful as you remember how great is our Savior and Lord that we serve.  I really look forward to worshipping with you this Palm Sunday. - Steve

Chapters that contain Holy Week - Passion Narratives
Matthew 21-28
Mark 11-16
Luke 19-24
John 12-21

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