Putting Off Deceit - Being Truth

February 17, 2018
Good Morning GCT:  

A great life-changing reminder this morning is that we worship a God who is Truth.  
Our Savior is the Truth.  
We are in Him who is the Truth.
The Spirit within us is the Spirit of Truth who leads us into all Truth.  
We are heirs of Truth.  
We are brothers and friends with Jesus Christ, the Truth.  
We have been justified with Truth.
Truth saves us.
We have been made alive with Truth.
Truth forgives us of our sins.  
We are sealed with Truth.  
We are one with Truth.  
We are more than conquerors because of Truth.  
The Spirit gifts us with Truth.  
We cannot be separated from Truth.  
We are the body of Truth to speak Truth.  

And yet, we struggle with deceit - pseudo-truth, fake truth, lies.  And that deceit comes in many forms for many reasons.  We lie to self-protect, to gain power, to look good, for approval, to get our way, and many other reasons. We can live deceitful lives without even opening our mouths.  This week in Ephesians 4, Paul teaches us very specifically that a life of deceit must be unconditionally abandoned by all of those of us who claim to be followers of the Truth, Jesus Christ.  Paul is showing clearly that doctrine and theology must have a living affect on us.  Beliefs must always be followed with Spirit empowered action and renewal as we Put Off and Put On.  I pray that as we go through these very specific traits that we are to called to possess as believers we would let the Spirit do His job of conviction and renewal.  I really look forward to being with you tomorrow in worship for mutual encouragement and edification in Christ.

Much love in Christ, Steve

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