Walking and Thinking at the same time = Walking Worthy in Oneness

January 19, 2018
Hey GCT:  This Sunday we will be back in Ephesians 4:4-6 as we look at the SEVEN - "ONE" statements that Paul gives us to remind us of how to walk worthy to the calling we have been called IN CHRIST.  Because we have been made righteous, holy and blameless as sons through Jesus Christ we are to walk worthy of that calling and part of that walking is thinking correctly as the:
ONE BODY of Christ
    Powered by the ONE SPIRIT
         Rejoicing with ONE HOPE
                Because of the work of our ONE LORD
                         Believing in the ONE FAITH
                                  Sealed for the day of redemption through ONE BAPTISM
                                             With ONE GOD AND FATHER

We have been made ONE IN CHRIST - Walk Worthy with this in mind.  Love, sacrifice, serve, pursue, enjoy, encourage, edify, pray, enjoy and delight in this ONENESS.

One way we can do this right now is by praying for Andy Vestal's mother in New Bern.  Please take a moment to pray for her as she suffers with pneumonia.  Pray for much peace.

One in Christ, Steve

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