Christmas Peace

Church Family: 

Jesus was never God’s second plan. From the creation of the universe itself, the Godhead was pleased to work out the salvation of man before there was ever the first sin committed or even the first man created! The plan had been set in eternity’s past, but there was to be a moment destined in history for that plan to come to fruition.  The Word became flesh, and God Himself dwelt among us. He didn’t save us from great distances nor did He stay away from our messiness. Jesus took on flesh for the purpose to bear our guilt and shame and bring redemption and reconciliation to His creation that had no other answer within itself.
In the Christmas story in Luke, the shepherds are informed of the birth of the Messiah and  they hurry to see the great sight for themselves.  It is amazing to think about seeing the reaction of the first eye witnesses to Jesus’ birth. What is even more amazing though, is the fact that we get to see ,through Scripture, the Heavens opened and the angels of God in awe and wonder as they see with their eyes God’s plan unveiled before them. Never had they witnessed anything like this before and their response was what ours should be as well; “Glory to God in the highest!”  

There is something else that accompanies Glory to God: Peace! “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” - Luke‬ ‭2‬:‭14‬.
God is never out given. When we respond to what God is doing in our lives by giving glory to God, what we receive is so much more than what we give.  There is a peace that comes from God that is incomparable to what we can find elsewhere. This Christmas Eve, let us focus on how wonderful and generous our God has been to us and how generous He continues to be.  It is all a part of His plan. Let’s give Him great glory as He promises to give us great peace.

David Love

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